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Titanium silicon alloy target for coating material

Titanium silicon alloy target for coating material

Titanium-silicon alloy is a coating material for nitride hard coating. Silicon ensures excellent oxidation resistance, and titanium ensures extremely high hardness. The combination of the two has wear resistance even at extremely high temperatures. The titanium silicon nitride coating is extremely resistant to abrasion and does not require coolant in high speed processing.

The proportion of commonly used titanium silicon targets is as follows:

Titanium silicon 85/15%; titanium silicon 80/20%; titanium silicon 75/25%

     Titanium-silicon target binding process should pay attention to the surface metallization problem. The surface of titanium-silicon material is relatively dense, and surface treatment such as sandblasting is required. When binding, it should adopt the method of segment heating and cooling with the furnace to prevent cracking.