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Titanium Dioxide Industry Status

Titanium Dioxide Industry Status

Titanium Dioxide is a very important raw material in industrial production, widely used in coatings, plastics, paper, printing inks, chemical fiber, rubber, cosmetics, ceramics, enamel, electronics, food and pharmaceutical industries, of which the largest proportion of paint, about 60% . The most consumed titanium dioxide in the paint products is architectural coatings, which accounts for 60% of the paint usage. The lag time for real estate's impact on the paint market is about one year, because the hot real estate market in 2013 will make titanium dioxide demand peak in 2014.

Among the paint products, architectural coatings consumed the most titanium dioxide, followed by transportation equipment such as automobiles, ships, and railway vehicles. It can be seen that the consumption of architectural coatings directly affects the demand for titanium dioxide, and the consumption of architectural coatings is closely related to the real estate industry. According to relevant statistics, the impact of the real estate industry on the construction coating market lags behind for a year or so, and the development of the real estate industry can serve as a leading indicator of the demand for titanium dioxide. Real estate, as an important indicator of economic development in China, directly affects the demand for related products in the industrial chain. In addition, the time interval from the contracted sales to the decoration of China's commercial housing is about 1 year. Therefore, the real estate industry's sales targets for commercial housing can accurately reflect the real estate industry. Titanium dioxide market demand influence.

The “2015-2020 China Titanium Dioxide Industry Market Demand Forecasting and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report” shows that real estate sales slowed down in 2012 due to the implementation of the real estate purchase restriction loan policy. Statistics show that in 2012 real estate forward sales of 8.5 trillion yuan, a growth rate of 2.4% qoq, a decrease of 4.1% from the 6.5% growth in 2011. In 2013, the sales revenue of China's paint manufacturing industry was 341.6 billion yuan, a 9.5% qoq increase.