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The difference between titanium plated twist drill and twist drill.

The difference between titanium plated twist drill and twist drill.

The process of titanium - plated twist drill.

The titanium twist drill mainly USES magnetron sputtering method, arc ion plating method and so on. In the process of coating, nitrogen can be used to form titanium nitride, and the coating color is golden, otherwise it will appear white. Using this method, the plating layer is relatively thin, usually about 1-5 microns, and the coating is relatively bright and does not need to be processed later. If the spraying method USES cold spraying method, the coating will be thicker, can reach the order of millimeter, the surface will be rough and need to be processed later.

Titanium carbide and titanium nitride coating are different.

According to the titanium twist drill manufacturer, one is the color of different, titanium nitride is golden, titanium carbide is black; The hardness of titanium is higher than that of titanium nitride. Three is the difference of high temperature oxidation performance. Titanium nitride has a higher resistance to high temperature oxidation than titanium nitride, which can lead to titanium nitride film. In recent years, it is prevalent to have chromium nitride film, titanium nitride, etc.