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The advantages and disadvantages of titanium alloy porcelain teeth

The advantages and disadvantages of titanium alloy porcelain teeth


Titanium alloy porcelain belongs to non-precious ceramic teeth, non-precious ceramic porcelain alloy with nickel, chromium is the main component of titanium alloy porcelain teeth, characterized by high strength, low price, can form a dense oxide layer, is currently used in domestic The most common type of porcelain teeth.

The performance of titanium alloy porcelain teeth is better than that of nickel-chromium alloy porcelain teeth, and the price is relatively higher. If you are a patient with allergies, friends may wish to use titanium alloy porcelain teeth; in addition it is also very strong corrosion resistance, will not easily become black.

Titanium alloy porcelain teeth, with its relatively good performance, reasonable price, in the porcelain tooth family has been more and more applications. The advantages of titanium alloy porcelain teeth are mainly that the biocompatibility is better than non-precious metals, and it is more suitable for nickel-sensitive people. Moreover, titanium alloy porcelain teeth are more durable, and can prevent the occurrence of gum bleeding and black gum phenomenon, can be a good response to the shape and function of teeth, and high strength, good color, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and so on. Suitable for the repair of most teeth.


The advantages of titanium alloy porcelain teeth are many, so what are the disadvantages of titanium alloy porcelain teeth, the so-called titanium alloys currently seen on the market can not be considered a real titanium alloy, its main components are nickel, chromium and a small amount of titanium, The titanium content is very low. In this case, the good performance of the titanium alloy porcelain teeth can not be achieved, so it can not play a good biological compatibility such as the titanium alloy porcelain teeth.

In the production of titanium alloy porcelain teeth, some dental tissues need to be abraded, and due to the repair factors of different factors, even some patients who rely on porcelain to correct their teeth need to do endodontic treatment (pulling nerves), especially In order to improve the mechanical strength of the fixed bridge in order to retain the position of the fixed bridge of metal and porcelain, the doctor will recommend using the good teeth on both sides of the missing teeth as abutment teeth and grinding off about 1/3 of the tooth structure. It is precisely because of this shortcoming that many black heart clinics do not inform patients before surgery; therefore, the number of medical disputes caused by violations of patients' right to information is numerous.

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