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Research on Titanium Alloy Milling Clamp

Research on Titanium Alloy Milling Clamp

      Titanium alloys have been widely used in aero-engines because of their superior performance. However, its poor mechanical performance constrains its practical application in aero engines. Among them, thin-walled titanium alloy parts are the most difficult to process. In the past, mechanical processing methods could easily cause deformation of parts, and it was impossible to guarantee the size requirements of parts drawings. In order to ensure the quality of the parts, the machining method of chemical milling is adopted, and the performance of the milling and milling fixtures directly affects the quality of parts milling. Through the in-depth analysis of the parts design drawings and their milling process, a set of scientific and feasible titanium alloy milling fixture design methods are developed. The problem that the parts in the milling process are solved is that the main material of the milling jig is not corroded in the bath containing nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid, and the milling jig can drive the parts to rotate at a uniform speed. The successful application of the titanium alloy milling jig provides some experience for the design of the milling jig for such parts in the future